AP Summer Assignments

P teachers arrange their summer assignments with students. Not all AP teachers have summer assignments and they may not be posted here. Please contact the AP teacher with any questions.

AP Biology - Ms. Spears; Ms. Long
AP Calculus - Mrs. Wong; Ms. Rinehart
AP Chemistry - Mrs. Matney
AP English Literature and Compostion Mrs. Free; Ms. Peterson
AP English 11 - Mr. Doughty; Ms. Tuckerman
AP Environmental Science - Ms. Meechan
AP European History - Ms. Pope
AP French - Ms. Taylor
AP Government - Mr. Holland; Ms. Gibson
AP Human Geography - Mrs Windish
AP Latin - Ms. Osborne
AP Physics - Mr. Dayawan
AP Psychology - Mr. Weiss
AP Spanish - Mrs. Falls
AP Spanish Tablas de Noticias
AP Studio Art - Ms. Campbell
AP US History - Ms. Harris; Ms. Miller
AP World History - Mrs. Laroue