School Counseling

Parent-Guardian-Teacher Conference Request Form
Registrar - Ms. Elizabeth Sokol
Phone: 757-648-5711
Fax: 757-479-8962
School Year Office Hours: 7:00a - 3:30p M-F 
Registration by appointment 

Diploma Replacements
Record Release Form (transcripts)
As a former VB student, how can I obtain a copy of my transcript? Former students, or parent/guardians of students under the age of eighteen are required to complete, sign and date the Record Release Form. 
For Graduation Verification - call 757-263-6984 

Attendance -
Mrs. Burch
Phone: 757-648-5703
Email: [email protected]

To Report Absences
We will not be accepting paper absence notes at this time. 

Please report your student's absence by clicking HERE and fill out the electronic absence reporting form OR email absence note to [email protected]. Please include the following information:

  • Student's Full Name (no nicknames please)
  • Date of Absence
  • Reason for Absence
  • Parent/Guardian's Name

Email or electronic absence note must be turned in within 3 school days of absence.

To Request Early Release for a Face-to-Face student

Please click HERE to access the electronic early rerelease request form.

Early release requests must be made by submitting this form or email and received by the attendance office no later than 8:00 am the morning of and no earlier than the night before the requested date. A phone verification will be made prior to approval of release. We do not accept last minute requests to have students released and any extenuating circumstances are to be approved by administration. 

We cannot release a student from class prior to the arrival of the authorized adult as they must go through proper release format.

For detailed information about attendance, please refer to the Regulation 5-17.1 Absences/Truancy School and Class Attendance – Grades K-12 (Updated September 2020)

Staff Contact Information

Ms. Julie Melendez - Department Chair
Serving students with last names Che - D

Mr. W. Terry Calhoun
Serving students with last names Maq - Ph

Ms. Hayva Hill
Serving students with last names Str - Z

Mrs. Stacy Kepple
Serving students with last names A - Cha 

Mr. Marcus Rinehardt
Serving students with last names Pi -Sto

Ms. Emily Snyder
Serving students with last names Ho - Map

Ms. Emily Wilson
Serving students with last names E - Hi

ACCESS Advisor - Ms. Sara Gastler
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Instruction and assistance in the college application and 
financial aid process
757-648-5700 Ext. 58865

Student Support Counselor - Ms. Chelisa Jackson
Tuesday, Wednesday